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Following are 21 auto insurance claims FAQ’s:

1. What is an auto insurance claim? Claim by made a policyholder to his auto insurance company in case of an accident or any other damage to his car.

2. When I can make an auto insurance claim? You can make an auto insurance claim within a specific period of time after you car has been wrecked in an accident or by other genuine means.

3. When will I have to pay for deductibles? You will have to pay for the deductibles if your accident is under the comprehensive or collision coverage.

4. Will the company cover cracks in the windshield? In case the cracks have resulted from colliding with any other object, vandalism, theft, storm, etc: yes.

5. How long will it take to get a respond from the auto insurance of a claim made? That depends on the efficiency of the company and sufficiency of your documentation.

6. What is a third party claim? If the at fault party has liability insurance; your filing a claim with their insurance company is the third party claim.

7. Can I make a claim if drunk? You will not be covered and also be fined for driving under influence.

8. What If I am involved in a fraud scam claim? Report immediately to the police and your auto insurance company.

9. Can I make a claim if a friend was behind my wheels during an accident? The claim settler from the company will decide who will be held responsible.

10. What if someone makes a false claim? Report immediately to the police and the auto insurance company.

11. What do I need in order to make a claim? You need to organize specific documentation to prove the genuineness of your case.

12. How do I realize which coverage supports my claim? You can either receive help from your auto insurance company’s representative or go through your policy in detail to see which coverages protect your claim.

13. Will making claims affect premiums? Claim making will increase premiums.

14. Will making claims cancel my policy? Cancellation of policy usually happens to only high risks drivers and frauds.

15. When is one given SR-22 forms? When a high risk driver consistently violates rules, then he is given them.

16. Does auto insurance pay wholly for claims? In case of comprehensive and collision coverages, deductibles apply.

17. What should I include in my claim statement? Include all the documentation that shows that your case is genuine along with the police report.

18. How can I make my claim stronger? By taking testimonials from those present in the scene and adding snapshots of the accident.

19. What happens if I am caught during a false claim? Your policy will be cancelled and driving rights seized.

20. If my policy is cancelled due to high risk driving, can I make claims through any other auto insurance company? Yes; through acceptance auto insurance.

21. When should I not apply for a claim? If the damage caused to your vehicle is lesser than the deductible. These 21 auto insurance claims questions will help you towards understanding the claim making process.

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