An Essential Guide For Boat Insurance

As a boat owner or someone who aspires to be one, it is vital to understand the differences between car and boat insurance. Like car insurance the quotes you will receive for boat insurance will be based around a variety factors. Finding cheap boat insurance will depend on the age of the boat, the mooring location and other factors.

Boat insurance is more complex than car insurance as the factors are also related to the type of boating you may do. So on top of the boat’s age and mooring location the insurance company will need to know the length of the boat, the type of boat as to whether it is a sail or power boat and what kind of navigation you will do. Additionally how high a deductible you use is an important consideration for the insurance cost.

In order to get cheap boat insurance you will need to consider accepting a higher deductible, installing safety devices including a fire extinguishing system, reducing your area of navigation and making sure that the boat insurance policy provides for lay-up periods which are the times that your boat will be out of water.

The core elements of a boat insurance policy cover both physical damage coverage and liability coverage. The physical damage coverage reimburses for any damage to the boat itself or its machinery. Here the choice is whether to go for an all risk policy or not. Although you may wish to find the cheapest boat insurance of course you do not want to be left out of pocket if an incident occurs. If at the outset you do not choose all risk and exclude aspects such as wind storms or collisions with dock then you would not be covered and these types of damage could be quite expensive. Therefore it is advisable to choose the all risk option.

The liability damage is the part of the boat insurance which covers legal obligations to third parties in the case of loss, injury or damage to their property. This is relatively straightforward whereas the physical damage coverage has the added ingredient of being settled in the event of a claim based on either agreed value or actual cash value.

The actual cash value would take into account depreciation as well as the condition of the boat at the time of loss. This option provides less cover but should mean a cheaper boat insurance quote. Whereas the agreed value means that you will be reimbursed for the amount listed on the policy if there was a total loss of the boat.

Other additional covers that apply to marine insurance are uninsured boater, towing and assistance, personal property and medical payments. Uninsured boater comes into play if you or your passengers sustain injury due to a boat owner who does not have liability insurance. Towing and assistance will pay for emergency assistance such as towing, or emergency repairs or fuel delivery at sea. Personal property covers the loss of personal effects including fishing gear. Medical payments cover your first aid, hospital bills and ambulance for you and your passengers.

In trying to find cheap boat insurance remember to weigh up the expenses if there is an emergency, if you cut out some aspects of the cover and also think about your peace of mind.


Jackie de Burca has put together this essential guide for boat insurance. It discusses how to get cheap boat insurance but what to look out for in the cheapest boat insurance. She advises to calculate carefully the cost implications in the future which could happen by cutting corners and choosing the cheapest boat insurance.

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