Insurance Protection for Civil Ceremonies

Wedding insurance will cover civil ceremonies, including the cake, rings, flowers and the civil wedding venue. A civil wedding offers the happy couple a chance to say ‘I do’ in their own special way – however, you don’t need special wedding insurance for a civil ceremony. Standard wedding insurance will insure a civil wedding just as well as a religious wedding ceremony.

Wedding insurance will give you and your family financial piece of mind as you tie the knot with the person you love. Since 1992, more people in England and Wales have decided to go up the aisle in a civil ceremony than in a religious service. In fact, in 2008, civil ceremonies accounted for 67 per cent of all ceremonies, which is an increase of 61% since 1998.

Whilst this increase in the number of civil ceremonies might have something to do with there being more premises licensed for civil weddings, it also demonstrates that couples are taking control of their own wedding day. A bride and groom no longer feel that they have to confine themselves to the tradition of a religious service – instead they are getting married in country manor houses, on the beach, in castles, and even in the MP’s dining hall at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster!

There are lots of unusual places to get married and just as long as the venue has a recognised wedding license and the service is conducted by a registrar, you can get married wherever you want. However unusual the venue is, you should still be able to take out wedding insurance to cover the big day. You may want to be covered in case the venue cannot hold the wedding at the last minute, perhaps due to damage to the venue, closure or illegal activity. Your guests may even have trouble getting to the venue if there is seriously bad weather and wedding insurance will protect you from that financially. Although you may plan your civil wedding down to the last detail, there will always be circumstances beyond your control, which could hamper your big day.

Civil ceremonies are a great way to get married just the way you want to. Wedding insurance providers understand how important your wedding day is and they will work with you to ensure your heavenly civil ceremony is financially secure.

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