Wedding Insurance, Cardboard Buckets And A Dastardly Casino Game

Wedding insurance is so easy to overlook, so let’s look at something entirely different for a moment. Imagine taking £20,000 of your own money and placing it on either red or black on a roulette wheel.

If you win, you’ll get married successfully. Lose and you could be waving goodbye to more than just many thousands of pounds’ worth of money, because you could be facing the prospect of waiting several years before you can get married, and possibly even longer before you can save the funds for a new home.

This is the reality for the majority of those who experience some issue with their wedding that requires the entire event to be rescheduled, yet astonishingly there are still thousands of couples each year who forge ahead with their wedding plans without any wedding insurance in place.

Let’s go back to that casino again, and visualize our £20,000 sitting on red, or black. Now imagine the wheel is spinning, the ball is clattering round and you start to realize that this really is it.

Now imagine someone offering you a deal. Give them £20 or so, and if you lose, they’ll give you your money back. Would you take that offer? As the wheel starts to slow down and the ball begins to make its mind up whether to reward you or take £20,000 away from you forever, would you consider £20 worth spending to ensure that you couldn’t lose?

This is very much a real situation, since according to current statistics the average wedding in the UK costs about £20,000, and wedding insurance is available from under £20. What can you do with £20? Buy your family a cardboard bucket of food from the local take away? Buy a couple of bottles of wine? Put enough petrol in your car to go round the block a couple of times, (or is that just my old banger?)

Yet for just £20 you could have protection worth thousands of pounds, and more than this – you get peace of mind. A wedding is stressful enough, and yes, I know what it’s like – I’ve been there. The number of variables, the number of service providers, the sheer potential for something to go wrong is unbelievable.

In the early days of planning it seems so simple. Yet as the Big Day approaches it becomes increasingly apparent that there is a very great deal invested in what often amounts to little more than a few hours.

As the day looms it starts to feel a little like that roulette wheel is starting to slow down, the ball is bouncing about in a happy, carefree way as it prepares to decide your fate, and your hands are entirely tied.

It’s at about that point that the offer of full protection for the same price as four Big Mac meals seems laughably simple and obvious. If you haven’t already organized your wedding insurance, then take heed, and whilst the image of your entire wedding budget riding on a carefree little ball that couldn’t care less whether it gives you red, blue or pink with purple stripes is still fresh in your mind, why not forgo the bucket of chicken wings this weekend, and protect your future?

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