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Now days many people feel the need of insurance and especially car insurance for their young children. Generally, teenagers falls in the category of highest accident risk and the reason beyond this is their reckless driving. That’s why it is advised that cars owned by the young people must be insured. Also these are the people who care a lot for their vehicle and usually buy the insurance policies to protect themselves and their cars.

Most of the people are there who are not able to make right decisions that which could be the best available policy for them. The best way to analyze that which is the best policy for them is to first list the needs of car insurance. After knowing the needs one can judge better that which of the available the best is for him or her.

In most of the places there are only three categories in which all of the insurance policies are categorized. All of these insurances are preferable as all of them are suitable in different situations. All of these insurance categories are listed below: Third party only cover: This category has the simplest form of insurances and are meant for those people who want to be on a safer side and also don’t want to pay high premiums. In these types of policies one gets the cover in which he gets the facility that if unfortunately he met with an accident then he needs not to panic as the damage of the other car and the injury of the people in that car will be covered by the insurance company only.

The only harm in this policy is that the policyholder can not claim for the damage of an insured car and this is the reason this policy is not recommended to those who have expensive cars.

Third party fire and theft: This is the other category in which there are policies which are advised to the people who have middle segment cars as through the insurances in this category they can avail all the benefits of the third party only cover and along with that they can avail some additional benefits which are fruitful to the policy holder directly. The additional benefit in this policy is that if the car gets damaged due to the fire or get stolen then the owner will get the claim for sure. In other words the owner will get the claim only if he (or any other driver) is not responsible for the damage of the car.

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