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Tips for home fire protection

As winter approaches homeowners should take time to think about home fire safety. By taking simple measures, home fire safety precautions can prevent the devastation of a house fire. According to Allstate Insurance Company of Canada’s claims, reports of fire loss jump during the winter months. January alone accounted for 15 per cent of all fire losses reported in 2009. So make home fire safety a top priority.

Properly planned home fire safety can help prevent the majority of fire losses. This autumn, consider these home fire safety tips from Allstate Canada to help keep you, your family and your home safe this winter.

Home Fire Safety Step #1: Prepare

The first step in home fire safety is to be prepared! The best thing you can do to ensure safer winter months at home is to be proactive about your home’s upcoming seasonal needs. A little time spent on home fire safety preparation will ensure that your family stays safe and comfortable this winter.

1. Inspect heaters every autumn to ensure they are in good working condition. If you have a gas heater, inspect the exhaust for carbon build up.

2. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year if you have a wood stove or use your fireplace. This is an essential part of home fire safety , because creosote buildup can cause a chimney fire.

3. Install smoke detectors on all floors of your home. Take the time to sit down with your family and prepare a fire plan. It should detail escape routes and include a designated meeting place. This is an indispensable part of home fire safety preparedness.

Home Fire Safety Step #2: Prevent

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